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Handling the Cards

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How to shuffle

Most books about reading tarot cards that I have seen, and most diviners I have observed or spoken with, seem to prefer to shuffle the cards three times and cut once. The shuffling randomizes the cards and provides an opportunity for reversal, while cutting provides the Querent a final opportunity to affect the deck without coming into contact with the diviner's precious cards for too long a time.

There are several different ways to shuffle a pack of cards, but the method you choose should be based on which method will protect your cards the best. A marked deck is a broken deck.

If you do not wish to include reversed meanings in your reading, simply prevent reversal as you shuffle and cut the deck.

How to lay out the cards

As you are laying out the cards, lay them out face down so that you heighten the sense of tension and curiosity. Once all the cards are laid out, begin slowly turning each from left to right so that you do not flip the cards. Name each position of the layout as you turn over the card, so that your querent can follow along. Take the time now to consider and understand each card, giving each one its proper consideration.