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Review of Omegaland Tarot Deck & Card Game

Omegaland Tarot Deck & Card Game

This deck, illustrated by Joe Boginski, is listed as a gaming deck because it includes instructions and special cards for the play of a game designed by Karen Boginski. That being said, it is also completely valid as a divination deck, and readings from this deck work well as the pip cards are fully illustrated and feature relatable scenes that would very much assist the interpretation of a reading.

The theme of the Omegaland Tarot Deck is a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with friends and enemies, resources and dangers. The scenes on the cards are incredibly imaginative and each one seems to tell a story. You might expect a deck like this to be full of doom and gloom, but many of the cards clearly portray hope, forgiveness, and solidarity. The artwork on this deck features sketchy cartoons in full color. Coins are represented by cans of food, Cups by canteens, Swords by crossbows, and Wands by guns.

I have not played the game, but the cards are ideally built for gaming. The cardstock they are printed on is of very high quality, and the cards are clearly marked so that it is easy to see what a card is at a glance. 

I cannot recommend this deck enough for divination. The mood of a deck has a strong effect on the mood of readings performed with that deck. The mood of this deck is friendly, hopeful, and down-to-earth.

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modern, 2010s, post-apocalyptic, cartoon, friendly
US Games Systems, Inc.
Joe Boginski
Karen Boginski
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Loren Lundgren


modern, 2010s, post-apocalyptic, cartoon, friendly