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Review of Sola Busca Tarot

Sola Busca Tarot

This stunningly beautiful and ornate deck was both the earliest complete tarot deck known by history, as well as the first deck known to have been fully illustrated, in the sense that the pip cards have intricate scenes rather than just a certain number of items. The scenes themselves are quite strange, seeming to be making political statements of some kind about figures with historical or contemporary significance.

The art for the cards is not identical to the public domain photographs, in the sense that the colors are more vivid. In particular, purples are much more saturated. This makes the detail in the images easier to pick out.

The printing of this deck is of very high quality, and the cardstock is nice and heavy for great durability. The box is luxurious and sturdy. Included is a well-bound book in many languages featuring a historical overview and detailed description of the Triumphs. Also included in the book is a brief list of divinatory meanings.

Unfortunately, shuffling with this deck is quite challenging because the cards are so generously sized. A fair tradeoff, but it does make the deck slightly harder to use.

The cards in the printed version of this deck are copyright © 2019 Lo Scarabeo. The original deck (used in our card database and readings system) are in the public domain.

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europe, italy, 1400s, history, renaissance
Lo Scarabeo
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Loren Lundgren
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