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Review of Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Tarot of the Hidden Realm

The Tarot of the Hidden Realm deck is filled with gorgeous and fantastical imagery that is very modern in its composition and lines, showing a variety of fae characters in an other-worldly setting.

The figures on the cards are portrayed in a way that makes every image seem like a portrait of a vivid, three-dimensional, complex character. I think this aspect of the cards would make a reading with these cards very effective, because many of the portraits evoke a specific person I know or can think of, and that might be a real boon to a reader with a social frame of mind.

The suits of this deck are somewhat opaque. I can usually find, for example, five of something on a "Five" card, but they are often not what has been named. For example, Five of Cups features five horses. Four of Wands features four musical instruments. There seems to be an elemental association with the cards (Earth: Wands, Fire: Pentacles, Water: Cups, Air: Swords, Spirit: Trumps), but the artist takes a fair amount of license with it.

Some of the Trumps have been replaced with Faerie-based archetypes such as "Fortune Faery" or "Shadowdance", while others retain the traditional names, such as "The Magician" or "The Hermit".

The detailed book offers a great deal of information on each card, which is a big help to readers new to the deck.

My only real criticism of this tarot deck is that the scenes, while stunningly beautiful in an ethereal and shadowy way, might not all seem immediately applicable to modern life.

The images in this deck are copyright © 2019 Llewellyn Publications.

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modern, faerie, other-world
Llewwellyn Publications
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modern, faerie, other-world